Experience life through many lenses


My Story


In 2001, I took a buyout package from the Government and never looked back. My journey in photography and yoga has taken me all over the world. Really, I can't think of a better way to enjoy life! I love digital media and creating in the online world. My skills in design and implementation are self taught out of necessity! I just wanted to know how to do it for myself!! Besides, how cool is it that I can connect from anywhere to help clients make their mark! I continue to learn, teach and experience each and every day!

Photography as a Connection


I have been very fortunate to be able to experience rich immersion into culture, natural beauty, stunning locations and amazing people. My camera is my lens of the world and  I love to share my experiences to all who want to see. I love to use my lens and my eyes to capture life as it happens!

Yoga, meditation and life


I can honestly say that yoga and meditation changed my life. I adapt, self-correct and  share my experiences through my teaching. Whether guiding classes as a yogi, shooting events as a photographer or just in every day interactions; I always remain both the student and the teacher!

Mike's Partners & Affiliations